No Glance Typing with Speed like a Hurricane

Typewriters make a vital element of a writer’s existence. Gone are those days though, when typing had to be an exclusive skill of the selected few. Prior to the era of the computers and mobiles, typing belonged to the world of writers, lyricists, journalists, jurists, receptionists, and draftsmen. Apart from this elite world, only hobbyists had typewriters at their homes. 

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Not looking while typing 

Then, as computers and cell phones turned to be household items, everyone became familiar with the keypad. However, strange as though it may sound, are you really familiar with the keypad, no matter how long you are using it? Can you close your eyes and tell the order of alphabets as they are? Do you use all your fingertips for the placement of types? If the answers to all these questions are nay, then probably you do not type in an accurate way. Well, you may have been through a lot of life to learn something new all over again. However, you can definitely encourage young ones to make it perfect right from the start.  

It is essentially a very specific skill, where the typist kind of memorizes each key with a particular fingertip. A practiced hand can type for hours in hurricane speed without even casting a casual glance at the keyboard even once.  Now, even if you are fast on the keys with only using the index and the thumbs, you can be faster if you are doing it the right way. Having not to stare at the keypad also saves time, thus accommodating more words per minute. Practical experience also shows that there is a much-reduced scope of making any editing mistake by typing in this rehearsed speed. 

Using all the ten fingers

Learning this essential practice at an early age is highly advantageous. As parents, you need to introduce your young learner to the best typing lessons online. Check out a good one especially for kids where they use animation and child-friendly learning modules to teach this highly valuable lesson. 

Dividing the learning format into sections and lessons helps to deal with the task one step at a time. Guardians should be making sure that children are not skipping lessons, and everything is in the right order. There are 12 lessons in total and each of which follows the other in a methodical manner. There are no time limits, making it a highly relaxed way to practice. It is actually a good idea to keep the kids engaged during vacations if you are trying to figure out the best way to do so. 

Made interesting for kids

Good service also makes it interesting with various animal character cartoons acting as guides in completing the lessons. These characters like the cat, the yak, hippo, snake, rooster, goat, and others stage a colorful musical show at the completion of each lesson. Obviously, it is nothing like a Bob Dylan show or anything like that, but it is still very original and fun to watch! 

Share the happiness of your young learners as they beam with pride in completing the lessons finally. The format is also very encouraging because it does not focus upon picking faults such as having only a few numbers of words per minute. Well, it does not take the assistance of artificial intelligence to say that in the beginning, the timing would be slow. 

It keeps improving with practice just like anything else that is worthwhile. Children actually find it very encouraging to go through the entire lesson willingly just because in the end there is this fantastic show! See that they start playing level 2 after completing level 1 and level 3 after completing level 2 and so on. 

A Historical decision

Practicing the setting of fingers on the QWERTY keyboard is a skill that predates the computers by more than 100 years though. It was in the 1870s that a gentleman newspaper editor from Wisconsin figured out this ‘scientific’ and apparently haphazard format of alphabets on the typewriter to avoid certain technical difficulties on the previous version which had the regular alphabetical order. 

The design developed by Christopher Latham Sholes was a path-breaking invention that carried through even in this modern digital era through the well-known computer keyboards.  It is good if you inform the kids of this little bit of lesser-known trivia despite the fact how common the QWERTY keyboard is. Smart stories like these definitely make the exercises very interesting and also help kids to grow an interest in history. 

Well, you never know; maybe your little child grows up to be a great writer or a respected journalist. As they grow their attraction towards the keys and to typing, they can surely have confident access to a creative avenue for expressing their thoughts. Here is to hoping that someday in the future you would take pride in the fact that everything started from this very simple decision that you took today.