Complete Guide How to Prepare Dog for Air Travel

Are you wondering whether you can travel with your dog on an airplane to be part of a popular concert in any part of the world? You can achieve this if you do a few important things. Let us say you are a fan of Bob Dylan and have bought his newest concert tickets yet you are far away. You will need to do the following to be able to achieve your goal of traveling.  

Initial Homework

All airlines have unique pet policies. You will find that some of them offer luxurious options, while others may make it impossible for you to fly with your dog.

Airlines that will not fly your dogs in cargo have serious liability concerns. For a long time, Southwest, Jet Blue, Virgin America, Frontier, and US Airways have been among the companies in this category. You may need to check with them to see if they can give you any favorable terms. It is always good to try, but we cannot guarantee anything.

As you do the homework, you will learn that others have restrictions on breeds. The ones that are mostly affected by these types of guidelines come with shortened airways. These airlines do not want them on the basis that some usually have trouble breathing in cargo.

The good news is that you always have the option to fly your dog in the less-stressful cabin. However, this is only relevant to you if the weight of your dog as well as the crate is no more than 20 pounds. If you are considering this option, ensure you carefully check the rules of each of the planes. Note that the guidelines on fees and reservation lines are not created the same.

Few Days to D-Day

Irrespective of whether you want to fly your dog in the cargo or cabin, you should prepare her several days earlier. Start by training your dog to be able to say in the crate for long without problems. She should be able to stand up, turn around, and sleep when the need arises. Moreover, you should work on conquering separation anxiety. This process involves training her to feel safe in a kennel underneath the seat.

Noise can scare your dog and make the journey unbearable. Ensure you fully desensitize noise before the day. Socialize your dog by using the right exercises. The best ones produce sounds of airplanes. As you expose her to this for some time, the real noise will not make your dog think that the sky is falling.

Your dog must be vaccinated and be certified as fit for the journey. If you are concerned that she is constantly scratching her skin, buy the best budget friendly flea collar for dogs. This will completely get rid of the issue if it is a flea problem. Once you have the green light from your vet, health issues will not stand on your way to the concert.

Day of the Flight

On this day, be sure you monitor how your dog eats and drinks water. This will tell you whether you need to have some health concerns or not. Remember that your dog may not eat well during the journey due to the obvious reasons. As such, it pays more if she can eat well before the plane leaves the airways.

Ensure your dog relieves himself at the right time too. If you have trained her, this will likely not be a big issue. The best moment for this is before you check-in or go through a security check. At this time, you must have researched your airport and identified where there is a grassy area. Take your dog there to relieve herself, if possible. 

Finally, ascertain that your dog feels comfortable. Humans know how flying is stressful. Despite the training, your dog will still be affected by the journey. In the worse case scenarios, the dog will likely be more stressed than other travelers. 

Lastly, before you choose to fly with your dog, make a deliberate effort to understand the liability that your airline is ready to take in case something goes wrong on their side. You can take cheap loans if you think you need one. This way, you will have a stress-free journey.

Bottom Line

The skies look so friendly to many people. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Flying can be an extremely stressful experience for both you and your loved ones. Even the most seasoned travelers will tell you that without blinking an eye.

However, since there is a possibility that you can fly with your dog, start finding ways you book for her a ticket now. You will have a good time to learn the various policies of different airlines. Moreover, you will be able to train your dog without any hurry to master the important tricks. Ultimately, you will enjoy your journey when the time comes.