Complete Guide How to Prepare Dog for Air Travel

Are you wondering whether you can travel with your dog on an airplane to be part of a popular concert in any part of the world? You can achieve this if you do a few important things. Let us say you are a fan of Bob Dylan and have bought his newest concert tickets yet you are far away. You will need to do the following to be able to achieve your goal of traveling.  

Initial Homework

All airlines have unique pet policies. You will find that some of them offer luxurious options, while others may make it impossible for you to fly with your dog.

Airlines that will not fly your dogs in cargo have serious liability concerns. For a long time, Southwest, Jet Blue, Virgin America, Frontier, and US Airways have been among the companies in this category. You may need to check with them to see if they can give you any favorable terms. It is always good to try, but we cannot guarantee anything.

As you do the homework, you will learn that others have restrictions on breeds. The ones that are mostly affected by these types of guidelines come with shortened airways. These airlines do not want them on the basis that some usually have trouble breathing in cargo.

The good news is that you always have the option to fly your dog in the less-stressful cabin. However, this is only relevant to you if the weight of your dog as well as the crate is no more than 20 pounds. If you are considering this option, ensure you carefully check the rules of each of the planes. Note that the guidelines on fees and reservation lines are not created the same.

Few Days to D-Day

Irrespective of whether you want to fly your dog in the cargo or cabin, you should prepare her several days earlier. Start by training your dog to be able to say in the crate for long without problems. She should be able to stand up, turn around, and sleep when the need arises. Moreover, you should work on conquering separation anxiety. This process involves training her to feel safe in a kennel underneath the seat.

Noise can scare your dog and make the journey unbearable. Ensure you fully desensitize noise before the day. Socialize your dog by using the right exercises. The best ones produce sounds of airplanes. As you expose her to this for some time, the real noise will not make your dog think that the sky is falling.

Your dog must be vaccinated and be certified as fit for the journey. If you are concerned that she is constantly scratching her skin, buy the best budget friendly flea collar for dogs. This will completely get rid of the issue if it is a flea problem. Once you have the green light from your vet, health issues will not stand on your way to the concert.

Day of the Flight

On this day, be sure you monitor how your dog eats and drinks water. This will tell you whether you need to have some health concerns or not. Remember that your dog may not eat well during the journey due to the obvious reasons. As such, it pays more if she can eat well before the plane leaves the airways.

Ensure your dog relieves himself at the right time too. If you have trained her, this will likely not be a big issue. The best moment for this is before you check-in or go through a security check. At this time, you must have researched your airport and identified where there is a grassy area. Take your dog there to relieve herself, if possible. 

Finally, ascertain that your dog feels comfortable. Humans know how flying is stressful. Despite the training, your dog will still be affected by the journey. In the worse case scenarios, the dog will likely be more stressed than other travelers. 

Lastly, before you choose to fly with your dog, make a deliberate effort to understand the liability that your airline is ready to take in case something goes wrong on their side. You can take cheap loans if you think you need one. This way, you will have a stress-free journey.

Bottom Line

The skies look so friendly to many people. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Flying can be an extremely stressful experience for both you and your loved ones. Even the most seasoned travelers will tell you that without blinking an eye.

However, since there is a possibility that you can fly with your dog, start finding ways you book for her a ticket now. You will have a good time to learn the various policies of different airlines. Moreover, you will be able to train your dog without any hurry to master the important tricks. Ultimately, you will enjoy your journey when the time comes.

Typewriters make a vital element of a writer’s existence. Gone are those days though, when typing had to be an exclusive skill of the selected few. Prior to the era of the computers and mobiles, typing belonged to the world of writers, lyricists, journalists, jurists, receptionists, and draftsmen. Apart from this elite world, only hobbyists had typewriters at their homes. 

image 5.jfif

Not looking while typing 

Then, as computers and cell phones turned to be household items, everyone became familiar with the keypad. However, strange as though it may sound, are you really familiar with the keypad, no matter how long you are using it? Can you close your eyes and tell the order of alphabets as they are? Do you use all your fingertips for the placement of types? If the answers to all these questions are nay, then probably you do not type in an accurate way. Well, you may have been through a lot of life to learn something new all over again. However, you can definitely encourage young ones to make it perfect right from the start.  

It is essentially a very specific skill, where the typist kind of memorizes each key with a particular fingertip. A practiced hand can type for hours in hurricane speed without even casting a casual glance at the keyboard even once.  Now, even if you are fast on the keys with only using the index and the thumbs, you can be faster if you are doing it the right way. Having not to stare at the keypad also saves time, thus accommodating more words per minute. Practical experience also shows that there is a much-reduced scope of making any editing mistake by typing in this rehearsed speed. 

Using all the ten fingers

Learning this essential practice at an early age is highly advantageous. As parents, you need to introduce your young learner to the best typing lessons online. Check out a good one especially for kids where they use animation and child-friendly learning modules to teach this highly valuable lesson. 

Dividing the learning format into sections and lessons helps to deal with the task one step at a time. Guardians should be making sure that children are not skipping lessons, and everything is in the right order. There are 12 lessons in total and each of which follows the other in a methodical manner. There are no time limits, making it a highly relaxed way to practice. It is actually a good idea to keep the kids engaged during vacations if you are trying to figure out the best way to do so. 

Made interesting for kids

Good service also makes it interesting with various animal character cartoons acting as guides in completing the lessons. These characters like the cat, the yak, hippo, snake, rooster, goat, and others stage a colorful musical show at the completion of each lesson. Obviously, it is nothing like a Bob Dylan show or anything like that, but it is still very original and fun to watch! 

Share the happiness of your young learners as they beam with pride in completing the lessons finally. The format is also very encouraging because it does not focus upon picking faults such as having only a few numbers of words per minute. Well, it does not take the assistance of artificial intelligence to say that in the beginning, the timing would be slow. 

It keeps improving with practice just like anything else that is worthwhile. Children actually find it very encouraging to go through the entire lesson willingly just because in the end there is this fantastic show! See that they start playing level 2 after completing level 1 and level 3 after completing level 2 and so on. 

A Historical decision

Practicing the setting of fingers on the QWERTY keyboard is a skill that predates the computers by more than 100 years though. It was in the 1870s that a gentleman newspaper editor from Wisconsin figured out this ‘scientific’ and apparently haphazard format of alphabets on the typewriter to avoid certain technical difficulties on the previous version which had the regular alphabetical order. 

The design developed by Christopher Latham Sholes was a path-breaking invention that carried through even in this modern digital era through the well-known computer keyboards.  It is good if you inform the kids of this little bit of lesser-known trivia despite the fact how common the QWERTY keyboard is. Smart stories like these definitely make the exercises very interesting and also help kids to grow an interest in history. 

Well, you never know; maybe your little child grows up to be a great writer or a respected journalist. As they grow their attraction towards the keys and to typing, they can surely have confident access to a creative avenue for expressing their thoughts. Here is to hoping that someday in the future you would take pride in the fact that everything started from this very simple decision that you took today.  

10 Best Classical Songs by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is an American singer and artist who is the luckiest one for having his name in the list of 100 greatest singers of all time.  He sang hundreds of songs and most of his songs were written by him and became viral worldwide, especially, in the US and UK.  Here is the detail of best songs by Bob Dylan.

(10)  Every grain of sand: –

This song is the part of the 21st studio album “Shot of Love”. He recorded this song on May 4, 1981, and the album was released on August 10, 1981, by Columbia Records. It is considered to be the last of the trinity of Christian albums. 

(9)   Visions of Johanna: –

This song is a part of the 7th studio album “Blonde on Blonde”. It was recorded on February 14, 1966, and the album was released on June 20, 1966, by Columbia Records. “Visions of Johanna” song is one of highest achievements of Bob Dylan and is recorded in the list of 500 greatest songs of all time. In 1999, it was listed as greatest song lyrics ever written. This song was written by Bob Dylan with great lyrics. 

(8)   Mr. Tambourine Man: –

Bob Dylan released 5th studio album “Bringing It All Back Home” which was recorded on January 15, 1965, and the album was released on March 22, 1965, by Columbia Records. This song was a great hit by Bob Dylan and was recorded many times in different languages. This song was written by Dylan and became part of television shows, movies, and other programs. Because of this song, his name was added in the list of 100 greatest artists of all the time.

(7)   It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding): – 

This song is also the part of the album “Bringing It All Back Home”. This song is one of the favorite songs of Bob Dylan, and he used to sing this song in most of his live concerts. It was considered as a masterpiece which described the most memorable lyrical images of Dylan.

(6)   I Shall Be Released: –

This song is the part of the second compilation album “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. II”. The song was recorded on September 24, 1971, and the album was released on November 17, 1971, by Columbia Records. This song was sung in 1976 by Bob Dylan’s band at its farewell concert. People were affected emotionally by this song.

(5)   All Along the Watchtower: –

After the success of 7th studio album, Bob Dylan Composed the 8th album “John Wesley Harding” and released it on December 27, 1967, by Columbia Records. He recorded this song on November 6, 1967, and was thought to be among the best songs of Bob Dylan. That was the only song what Bob Dylan sang in most of his live concerts.   

(4)   Just Like a Woman: –

The 7th studio album “Blonde on Blonde” was among the top 500 albums of all the time and “Just Like a woman” song was also a part of that album. This song was recorded on March 8, 1966, and the album was released on June 20, 1966, by Columbia Records. In 2011, this song was ranked at #232 in the list of “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” by the “rolling stone magazine”.

(3)   Tangled Up in Blue: –

This song is the part of the 15th studio album “blood on the tracks”. It was recorded on December 30, 1974, and the album was released on January 20, 1975, by Columbia Records. This song was ranked at #68 in the list of “500 greatest songs of all time” by the “rolling stone magazine”. Billboard Hot 100 also ranked this song at #31 in their list.

(2)   A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall: –

Bob Dylan composed his 2nd studio album “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” on May 27, 1963, and made the song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” the part of this album. This song was recorded on December 6, 1962, and was considered as the greatest protest song of that time. It was a motivational song and was written immediately by Bob Dylan in reply of Cuban Missile Crisis.

  1. Like a Rolling Stone: –

This song is from the album “highway 61 Revisited” which was released on August 30, 1965. “Like a Rolling Stone” was ranked at No. 1 in the list of “500 Greatest songs of all time” (Ranked by Rolling stone Magazine). Billboard Hot 100 also ranked this song at #1 in their list.  This song was awarded “Grammy Hall of Fame” award. The lyrics of this song won the prize of $2 million (an auction in 2014) for a world’s best music manuscript.

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Can I Buy Tickets Using Personal Loans?

Tickets are always a valuable investment, but some of them are costly. For example, if you want season tickets to secure a specific number of seats that you will use when your favorite team is playing, you may be required to pay lots of dollars many months before the D-Day. What happens if you want to be part of a trendy musical extravaganza and have no money? Consider Bob Dylan. Whenever this musician is selling his tickets, most of his fans make a mad rush to get them. In such a scenario, the planners of his extravaganzas cannot entertain your stories if you have no money. If you are one of his fans, you may need a personal loan to achieve your dream with ease. 

 In most cases, for people to get loans, they need to demonstrate that the proceeds will be used to finance income-generating projects if they do this effectively, their chances of getting large loans to increase. Tickets are not commercial activities. So, accessing loans can be difficult. That does not mean you cannot get a great deal. If you join My Instant Offer Club, for example, you will be able to get personal loans in exchange for regular repayments.

What is a Personal Loan?

If you want to take an unsecured loan from any financial institution to meet your personal needs, you want a personal loan. In other words, these are loans that individuals who have no collateral take to solve their own needs. Many people wonder whether they can get them due to the security risk involved. 

In case you default, your lender will likely have no way out. However, many lenders have a way to identify creditworthy borrowers. These individuals also know that many people want to protect the value of their creditworthiness. Defaulters may encounter serious problems in the future when they need credit card loans or others. Different financial institutions have diverse eligibility criteria for all types of personal loans.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are planning to apply for a personal loan for any of your ticket packages, here are the most important things that you must have in mind. 

  • Credit Score

Any lender that you want to approach will take your credit score seriously. This is what they will use to determine the exact terms that apply to you, including your interest rates. For this reason, only people who have good credit scores should use personal loans for their tickets. 

However, that should not stop you from trying if you are not in that group. Carefully evaluate the consequences of making or not making it to the event before considering this option. Nevertheless, remember, some lenders may turn you back if your rating is too bad. 

  • Current Financial Strength 

Whether you have a good credit score or not, you should consider your current financial ability as well before you make your next move. Remember that the very last thing that you want to do is default your ticket loan. That may be regrettable if it happens. You may be forced to take expensive loans to redeem your score. Consequently, you could face more problems than attending the event is worth it. 

The basic rule is to take what you can afford. Before you sign on those dotted lines, ensure you have what it takes to pay the monthly installments as required.

  • Interest Rate

Some companies are always more than willing to lend people all types of personal loans. However, they charge exorbitant interest rates to cater to some unrealistic risks. If your goal is to save some money, you may want to do some simple calculations to determine whether the loan is worth it. Of course, if you are one of those fans that believe it is more about the experience, this may not be a massive concern to you. But never ignore it for the best possible financial outcome. 

  • Loan Limit

How much can you borrow? If you cannot get the amount that you want to buy the ticket, you need to consider other options. There is no need for taking the loan and failing to attend the event. You may likely use it for the purposes you never intended. This way, you expose yourself to unnecessary debts.

The Final Thought

If you want to buy your ticket but have no money, you can turn to personal loans and get the help. This option is ideal for people with excellent credit score ratings. Before you consider taking any personal loan, find whether you meet the eligibility criteria. If you are in doubt, you can seek the opinion of your lender or your financial advisor. 

Go for what fits within your budget. Remember, you must repay personal loans in time to be able to lead a healthy financial life. As such, next time you want a loan to buy your tickets, work with an affordable, humane, and reliable lender to avoid many problems.

Bob Dylan: Nobel prize and other achievements

Bob Dylan is an American singer and lyricist. He opened his eyes in Duluth, a port city on Lake Superior in Minnesota on May 24, 1941. He was also a music composer and enlightened his songs with his own music.  His real name was Robert Allen Zimmerman, but he changed it later when he started recording songs. He started his career by just writing the poems when he was only 10 years old. During that time, he also started learning to play guitar, piano, and other musical instruments.

In 1961, Bob Dylan made his breakthrough. At that time, Columbia Records granted him a recording contract. Bob Dylan released his pioneer album at the same year and named it after his name as “Bob Dylan”. But the album did not get as much fame as it was supposed to. Maybe it was due to music because he did not use his own music in that.

Bob Dylan released another album in the name of “the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” on May 27, 1963. That was his first album due to which Bob Dylan got much popularity and made him the hit singer and songwriter of that time. This album was full of protest and emotional songs what got popularity in both united stated and the United Kingdom. 

Bob Dylan released another album ‘Blonde on Blonde’ on June 20, 1966, with the support of Columbia Records. This album got viral and was revealed as one of his first major hits. Billboard 200 chart ranked this album at #9 in the US and #3 in the UK. Bob Dylan earned enough money and fame from this album.

Bob Dylan entered the film industry in the decade of 1970 and starred in a Western drama named ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’ in 1973. He composed several songs and sang for that film. However, that was not proved an immense success for him.

In 1975, another album was released by Dylan in the name of ‘Blood on the Tracks’.  In united states, this album was ranked at #1 and was considered to best one of his greatest albums. This album was also listed in 500 greatest albums of all time by rolling stone Magazine.

Bob Dylan was very fond of exploring new places so, in 1978, he did a world tour for one year.  He went for the tour with some other singers. He presented performances (114 shows in a year) in many countries like United stated, Europe, and Japan.  In this one-year-long tour, he earned over 20 Million dollars.

In 1979, another album was released by him which he named ‘Slow Train Coming’. This album was placed at #1 in Australian representatives. Furthermore, it was also proved a great hit in the United States and Canada.

As Dylan was fond of traveling so, in the 1980s, he took another tour later with other singers and artists. He traveled largely in the company of the Heartbreakers and Tom Petty during 1986-87. He releases many albums and the greatest albums during that period include Infidels and Knocked Out Loaded.

After the successful decade of the 1980s, Bob Dylan kept performing concerts and stage shows in the entire decade of 1990, though many new singers took his place and he could not remain amongst the top musicians anymore. But his competitors were surprised when Dylan produced a wonderful album named ‘Time Out of Mind’ in 1997. This album was nominated and was granted Album of the Year award.

In 2000, Dylan was granted the Oscar award from “Wonder Boys” for Best music named ‘Things Have Changed’. He also received another award of “Golden Globe Awards” for the best motion picture.

Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel prize from Swedish Academy in the Literature for his lyrics and poetry . It was the cash prize of (900,000 dollars) against the literature of just 4000 words long and 27 mins in voice length. Dylan refused to receive the prize because he thought he has become old now (at the age of 75 years) and did not want to go to Sweden to attend the ceremony to pick up his award. But one person of Sweden committee convinced him so, he received his Nobel prize in October 2016.

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Desire (1976) – An Album by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is one of the most agile singers and lyricist who made his name in the music industry.  He wrote a variety of songs and most of his songs include love songs, protest songs, blues, etc. with the endless touching alliances of words. He enlivened his words with his own magical voice and became a fan of thousands of people worldwide.  

Bob Dylan was the elder and endeared son of his parents (sibling David Zimmerman). Dylan was a very talented person, and his guts started pushing him to the music since when he was hardly a teenager. He started writing poems and learning music when he turned 10. Seeing the rising talent of Bob Dylan, a famous music recording company named Columbia Records offered him a contract so, he released his first music album in 1961 in the age of 20 years only.

On January 5, 1976, Bob Dylan released a music album by Columbia Records. It was the 17th studio album by Bob Dylan that he recorded with the help of Columbia Records as a joint venture. Bob Dylan did not write this album alone, but his co-workers named Jacques Levy also played his part in writing the lyrics.

This album was Dylan’s one of his most challenging albums which required him a lot of collaboration from co-workers and musicians. This album seemed to have a personal perception in it. In this album, Bob Dylan appeared in various styles and with strange tangents. 

Achievements by Album: –

This album bestowed great results and was given many awards of honor. The following are the achievements of Desire album. 

  • On December 11, 2003, the editors of Rolling stone magazine ranked this album at #174 among the 500 greatest albums of all time.
  • According to a survey in 2004, the album “desire” was admitted to rank at #94 for 1970’s best-selling album.
  • Desire album was the best-selling album by Bob Dylan. 
  • This album was ranked at #1 in national charts.

List of songs: –

This album was enriched with Nine songs, and most of them were Dylan’s personal music (Genre: Classic rock). The duration of all the nine songs was 56 minutes and 13 seconds.

  1. Hurricane

“Hurricane” song has 2 parts which were recorded in July 1975, (part 1) and October 24, 1975 (part 2), New York, and was released on November 1975, by Columbia Studios as a single. It was written as a protest song and was declared as the fourth most successful song of the decade.

  1. Isis

“Isis” song was recorded on July 31, 1975, and was released on January 5, 1976, by Columbia Records as vinyl. That song had great lyrics by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy and was sung in Modal folk style. It was also a good hit but did not get the nomination.

  1. Mozambique

“Mozambique” song was recorded on July 30, 1975, and was released on February 17, 1976, by Columbia Records as a single.  The music composition of this song got more likes than the lyrics, especially the violin. Due to its music, it got viral and ranked at #54 in the list of Billboard Hot 100.

  1. One More Cup of Coffee

“One More Cup of Coffee” song was released on October 30, 1975, by Columbia records as a duet. This song was conceived to have great words within it.

  1. Oh Sister

“Oh Sister” song was released on January 5, 1976, by Columbia records as a duet. This song turned the favorite song for all in the whole concert. In other words, this song was the beauty of the entire album.

  1. Joey

“Joey” song was recorded on July 30, 1975, and was released on January 5, 1976, by Columbia Records as vinyl. This song is a biographical song and is the longest song in the entire album (Duration: 11 min and 5 sec).

  1. Romance in Durango

“Romance in Durango” song was released on January 5, 1976, by Columbia records as a single. This song reflected the scene of the love story in Mexico.

  1. Black Diamond Bay

“Black Diamond Bay” song was released on January 5, 1976, by Columbia records as a single. This song reflected the picture of a catastrophe (volcanic eruption) on a little island. This song had been playing on tv new channels and got popularity in the TV industry.

  1. Sara

“Sara” song was recorded on July 31, 1975, and was released on January 5, 1976, by Columbia Records as vinyl.  Bob Dylan wrote and sang this song as a tribute to her wife Sara. This song was deemed to be one of the greatest songs of Bob Dylan.

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