Bob Dylan: Nobel prize and other achievements

Bob Dylan is an American singer and lyricist. He opened his eyes in Duluth, a port city on Lake Superior in Minnesota on May 24, 1941. He was also a music composer and enlightened his songs with his own music.  His real name was Robert Allen Zimmerman, but he changed it later when he started recording songs. He started his career by just writing the poems when he was only 10 years old. During that time, he also started learning to play guitar, piano, and other musical instruments.

In 1961, Bob Dylan made his breakthrough. At that time, Columbia Records granted him a recording contract. Bob Dylan released his pioneer album at the same year and named it after his name as “Bob Dylan”. But the album did not get as much fame as it was supposed to. Maybe it was due to music because he did not use his own music in that.

Bob Dylan released another album in the name of “the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” on May 27, 1963. That was his first album due to which Bob Dylan got much popularity and made him the hit singer and songwriter of that time. This album was full of protest and emotional songs what got popularity in both united stated and the United Kingdom. 

Bob Dylan released another album ‘Blonde on Blonde’ on June 20, 1966, with the support of Columbia Records. This album got viral and was revealed as one of his first major hits. Billboard 200 chart ranked this album at #9 in the US and #3 in the UK. Bob Dylan earned enough money and fame from this album.

Bob Dylan entered the film industry in the decade of 1970 and starred in a Western drama named ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’ in 1973. He composed several songs and sang for that film. However, that was not proved an immense success for him.

In 1975, another album was released by Dylan in the name of ‘Blood on the Tracks’.  In united states, this album was ranked at #1 and was considered to best one of his greatest albums. This album was also listed in 500 greatest albums of all time by rolling stone Magazine.

Bob Dylan was very fond of exploring new places so, in 1978, he did a world tour for one year.  He went for the tour with some other singers. He presented performances (114 shows in a year) in many countries like United stated, Europe, and Japan.  In this one-year-long tour, he earned over 20 Million dollars.

In 1979, another album was released by him which he named ‘Slow Train Coming’. This album was placed at #1 in Australian representatives. Furthermore, it was also proved a great hit in the United States and Canada.

As Dylan was fond of traveling so, in the 1980s, he took another tour later with other singers and artists. He traveled largely in the company of the Heartbreakers and Tom Petty during 1986-87. He releases many albums and the greatest albums during that period include Infidels and Knocked Out Loaded.

After the successful decade of the 1980s, Bob Dylan kept performing concerts and stage shows in the entire decade of 1990, though many new singers took his place and he could not remain amongst the top musicians anymore. But his competitors were surprised when Dylan produced a wonderful album named ‘Time Out of Mind’ in 1997. This album was nominated and was granted Album of the Year award.

In 2000, Dylan was granted the Oscar award from “Wonder Boys” for Best music named ‘Things Have Changed’. He also received another award of “Golden Globe Awards” for the best motion picture.

Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel prize from Swedish Academy in the Literature for his lyrics and poetry . It was the cash prize of (900,000 dollars) against the literature of just 4000 words long and 27 mins in voice length. Dylan refused to receive the prize because he thought he has become old now (at the age of 75 years) and did not want to go to Sweden to attend the ceremony to pick up his award. But one person of Sweden committee convinced him so, he received his Nobel prize in October 2016.

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